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Where work communities organise for

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Trade battle stories, share passions and join missions to drive positive culture and change in your organisation.

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Loomination Index 

Your Community-driven Culture dashboard  


Engagement Index

Measure real community-driven conversations without intruding on employee’s privacy.


Innovation Index

Measure how collaborative & innovative your workforce is when they problem solve with initiatives that the community can vote on.


Challenges Index  

Measure the number of challenges that are resolved, completely logged and validated by the workforce.


Overall Culture Index

The true measure of culture takes place over time, authentically, bottom up and without centrally orchestrated  ‘culture’  enforcement.

Web 3.0 + Future of Work

Loominate is a pseudonymous chat platform where employees connect, collaborate and undertake bottom-up initiatives  with their co-workers.


Bottom-up collaboration & co-ideation


Psychological safe space to speak & act


Peer-to-peer rewards & resources


Poll, validate and vote on initiatives and ideas


Participative and inclusive

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Peer to peer Rewards

Our system rewards users for participating and/or leading the engagement on the platform;

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Every positive action & reaction earns users Karma points

Reward your peers with upvotes to show support

Convert points into a crypto token or a non-crypto reward

Earn badges awarded to you by the community

Unlock premium features for the community with your Karma Points

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Protected by Technology & Community 🔒


Our Flightpath 


Not going to lie that we're a small team that works round the clock to meet our roadmap milestones.
We'll update the roadmap as we go along. You'll always know our work in progress, achievements, delays and roadblocks.

Q4 2021
Q1 2022
Q2 2022
Q3 2022

Platform Beta Release
Closed Beta Test with Partner Organisations

Loominate Community 
Reddit & Twitter Launch

DeFi Partnerships
ICO Partner & Advisory

Platform Team Expansion
Blockchain & Full Stack Devs

Community Engagement

Brand & Content Team

Platform 2.0 Release
Group Channels

Loomination Index

DAO Roadmap Release 

Loominate is built on the principles of decentralised autonomous organisations where its community & stakeholders get to vote and influence its growth

Loomi Tokenonomics Release

Smart Contract & Whitepaper

Brand Refresh

We'll be updating our brand look and assets!

Platform 3.0 Release
User Badges
Integration of Loomi Token


Convert Karma Points to Loomi Tokens

Users will be able to convert their Karma points to Loomi Tokens or non-crypto rewards 

DeFi Team Expansion

Building out the team to manage our growing ecosystem

Platform 4.0 Release 
User personal log system

UI/UX Revamp

IOS/ Android App Release

Loominate DAO Integration

Employees and Token hodlrs will be able to vote on Loominate strategic and landmark policies

Loominate Wallet Development


Business as usual is not the usual

Large organisations are overdue for serious human transformation.

Power of Collective Diversity 🌈

The unique individual minds are such fertile and powerful founts of incredible innovation.


But centuries of  hierarchies and silos that limit people to their functions have proven to be a breeding ground for poor culture, mental health issues, disengagement and inefficiencies.

At Loominate, we imagine a world where people self-organise themselves into agile and powerful weaves of productive and creative outputs.

Blueprint for reorganisation of the  workforce ✊🏽


The future of workforce is defined by community- driven, authentic collaborations, scaled across fearless organisations and designed for maximum impact, inclusivity, profitability and collective good.

Blockchain technology has made the alignment of collective governance and company's growth mandate possible, while increasing autonomy for everyone. 

Loominate is one of many launchpads for this future and we invite you to join us!

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