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Conversations with prospective investors

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Here are the top 4 questions we get asked a lot! We answer these questions here to help give some clarity about our platform to our stakeholders, investors and the Loominati community.

#1 "You're too Web2-y, why not go all Web3?"


When we speak to pure play #Web3 investors, we're just not hardcore enough for them. We get that sentiment. We're not launching a new protocol for DeFi to democratise finance or anything cool like that. We're not even DAO, yet.

But one of our biggest missions as a Web3 company is to help mainstream normies (who make up a majority of the world) get into Web3 to experience all its goodness with as little stress and barriers as possible.

This means that we need to take a hybrid approach to product development. We want to build a platform with empathy to our target audience in both Web2 and Web3 spaces who fundamentally want user-friendly design. And even within Web3 communities, not many are technically skilled enough to navigate through the wild wild west of Web3.

We're not Web3 snobs and we don't want to be. If the mainstream doesn't understand us, we're not doing it right. We love many things about #Web3, especially the inclusivity and the possibilities it enables and symbolises. Excluding the Web2 audience and speaking about them as the lesser other goes against these values.

#2 "Why do you need to launch a LOOMI token? You trying to get on the crypto bandwagon? 😈 "

We're launching a token because community building and positive social actions have monetary value and the way we capture that value is through LOOMI tokens. How many employees working in a big corporate today are rewarded for being a positive pillar and contributor in the workplace community? How many are rewarded for solving problems outside their professional remits? How many are in the position to reward their peers for being great co-workers?

We could get the corporate overlords to finance these rewards, could we not?

Yeh.. sure but it hasn’t happened in the last century and it ain’t going to happen anytime soon. The best you’re going to get out of them is a stingy budget for office parties and maybe a small grant for initiatives that take place once every two years, never mind liquid micro-rewards for everyday actions.

Setting up an independent treasury and economy of rewards within the space where society can contribute to positive actions within the corporate industries will have a reverberating impact on the world and its economic infrastructure.

#3 Why target the corporate world? They are the most stubborn, inflexible and un-innovative dinosaurs 🦖

That sentence alone is the reason why we're bringing solutions to them. They represent billions of humans on this planet today with fears of speaking up, barriers to connecting with peers in their workforce and whose creativity and dynamic inner lives have no way of manifesting in a workplace where they spend 1/3 of their waking life.

Consider the impact that we could make to societal infrastructure everywhere if we could change the corporate culture by enabling billions of corporate and front line workers the tools to help each other and bring new ideas to life? That goal drives us. We've picked the toughest audience because that's where the biggest needs are at.

That doesn't mean that #Web3 audience will not be using Loominate. We have every intention of introducing Loominate as an employee-only Web3 community platform.

#4 Why should retail investors buy LOOMI tokens? ✊🏼

They should by LOOMI if they are betting on one or all of the following;

  1. The growth of decentralised corporate culture and communities

  2. The growth of web3 adoptions in the wider web2 communities

  3. The emergence & growth of decentralised Future of Work culture and norms

  4. Emergence of Reddit/Discord equivalents in the corporate space

  5. Emergence of a more transparent and more innovative trade union system for the people, completely governed by the people.

LOOMI tokens will be a form of value exchange within the corporate chat spaces on Loominate. The token facilitates actions, conversations, innovations and governance among employees. Retail investors are building a new economy of peer-to-peer transactions of poitive deeds, bottom-up cultural governance and community building.

LOOMI is a deflationary token with limited total supply of 100,000,000. As more mainstream users adopt and transact with LOOMI Tokens, and the momentum of decentralised community grow, the greater the value of LOOMI tokens will grow.

Betting on LOOMI tokens means taking a bet on mainstream communities going Web3. It seems like such a long shot and yet we know it's an inevitability at the rate Web3 dApps and technology are adopted by mainstream tech giants. It is a mid to long term investment with huge upsides. Here's why:

1. Firstly, we see more and more employees are taking to public forums to air grievances. Places like Fishbowl, TeamBlind and Glassdoor are just a few of these platforms. Employees do have a lot to say and they are increasingly not afraid to say it. Imagine if they are rewarded to speak up and take action to improve workplaces?

2. The younger Generation Z are crypto natives and are willing to experiment with decentralised platforms and solutions in both their professional and private lives. In fact, over 90% of crypto investments are held by millennials and Gen Z. Governance by the community will be a movement that these two generations will be experimenting with in the next 5 years through DAOs and blockchain dApps.

3. The next generation after Gen Z will be pure Web3 natives. The concept of top down corporate overlordship will already be an alien concept to them. Decentralised social media, online communities and bottom up treasury management will be mainstream and expected.

4. The Future of Work movement and ecosystem is one that still has enormous growth potential and it is moving towards decentralisation, personal autonomy and employee agency. The Great Resignation brought on by the pandemic was just the beginning and Web3 tools and trends are increasingly disrupting the FoW. In terms of how the ecosystem of FoW will turn out, we've barely scratched the surface. This is why the upside potential for LOOMI tokens, the OG currency of this future, is great.

We're definitely looking for retail investors who are believers in our vision and who want to see the change we want to make. Look out for our white paper!

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