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Radical Belonging  

We're on a mission to spread the movement of good corporate culture, built bottom-up.


The fear of speaking, the lack authentic inclusion, diversity and psychological safety in workplaces are contributing to the global epidemic of mental health issues, creating an impediment to human happiness and social sustainability.

Good workplace culture is a human right and we should never leave it to change. And we're not leaving it to the litany of B2B HR tools and enterprise 'solutions' in the market today.


Our Story

We founded Loominate to be an illuminating source of good for our global workforce. Having been in rigid, dehumanizing and backward corporate environments ourselves, we know how important our mission is in building a more sustainable and happier workforce.

In a world where organizations pay lip service to ESG, progressive values and DE+I, we know that real change rarely comes from the top, and needs to be instigated from the ground. So we've built this platform for bottom-up adoption to give our global workforce a shot at building a meaningful and fun work community with their coworkers, without reliance on their company's initiative.

Meet The Team

Employees who joined our movement 

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