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A platform for employees to speak up anonymously, safely and candidly. 

Employees who have anonymously  joined our movement work at:


Loominate is an alias-based platform that protects real world identities so that colleagues can have honest conversations about work-life issues and find support from coworkers across the world.


The community platform is free to use, run by employees themselves and independent from company interference.

For Employees, by Employees


S T A Y   S A F E

True Psychological Safe Spaces


Psychological safety is an essential ingredient for open conversations and a resilient and positive workplace culture.


This is why we've built an unique platform that can verify  members of an organization while protecting traceability back to their real-world identities. 

Loominate is a place where you can truly be vulnerable, seek support, and speak honestly with your colleagues without the fear of judgement.

Use a Alias, or go 100% completely



At Loominate, we protect your identity with pseudonymous accounts that are delinked from your real world identity. Publish with your username or go fully anonymous at anytime.

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How we protect your identity

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We're ad-free & subscription free.

No credit card needed. No email marketing in your inbox. All free. 


Build private workplace communities to 

Connect with your coworkers


Be a source of help, friendship, support, inspiration and mentorship to your peers in the organization!

Start a dedicated community platform for employees to network and share with like-minded peers in the workplaces.

A place learn, laugh & grow with your coworkers !

Tap into the experience and wisdom of colleagues from every corner of the organization.


Get raw and honest feedback, upvote advice and support diverse opinions.

Build a community that shares and helps one another grow.

Ask a burning question or simply  share your views in response to those who need help.

H O W  A R E  W E  F E E L I N G ?

Check in on how we truly feel about issues

Company-sanctioned HR surveys rarely ask the right questions that truly matter to employees.


With Loominate, anyone can publish a poll to check in on how our teams really feel about a topic at work and to raise awareness and empathy for sensitive issues.


Anonymity allows us all to be vulnerable and honest.

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L A U N C H   A N   I N I T I A T I V E

Rally support and vote on ideas you care about  

You never know. You could be starting a movement that could finally change things for the better!

The best part?

It's Free


Yes, we'll say it again. Loominate does not take subscription or require any kind of fee. We're also completely ad-free.  

Not having a B2B subscription model allows us stay independent, neutral and focused on serving the needs of employees, not the C-Level.

As our startup grow, we will release premium features that our users can unlock.


Built For Psychological Safety


Secure & Trusted

Moderated by community.png

Moderated by the community


Launch ideas & positive culture


Free-to-use Neutral Platform

Employees who joined our movement work in 

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