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Where work communities organise for

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The Good Culture App for our Global Workforce 

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Kick start a more open, transparent, joyful and safer workplace

Loominate is a pseudonymous platform where employees connect, collaborate, exchange banter and undertake bottom-up initiatives with their co-workers.

Corporate workplaces don't have to be sterile and stressful!

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S T A R T  A  C H A T 

Have a burning question or idea to get off your chest?

Here's the opportunity to finally give voice to that burning hot button issue, passion point or initiative.

✓   Get honest feedback & advice from your community

 ✓  Connect with like-minded ​coworkers

 ✓   Develop a culture of open conversations

 ✓   Get rewarded with GOOD Tokens for every action!

And the best part is that you don't need to know #web3, #crypto, #metaverse, #NFT or any of that to use LOOMINATE!

S T A R T  A  P O L L

Poll & compare salary within the company, anonymously.

Let's be honest. You've been wanting to know. So let's hear it from your colleagues, anonymously of course!


L A U N C H   A N   I N I T I A T I V E

Rally support and vote on ideas you care about  

You never know. You could be starting a movement that could finally change things for the better!

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R E W A R D  Y O U R  C O L L E A G U E S !

Tip your colleagues!

Reward your co-workers for speaking up, contributing good ideas or just for being their amazing selves! 

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Every positive action & reaction earns users Karma points

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Tip your peers with Karma points and $GOOD tokens to support their voice

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Convert Karma Points into $GOOD Tokens

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Earn badges awarded to you by the community

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Unlock premium features for the community with your GOOD tokens

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S T A Y   S A F E

Use a Pseudonym, or go completely 100% Anonymous


At Loominate, we protect your identity with pseudonymous profiles that are de-linked from your work email. 

Publish with your username or just go anonymous at anytime.

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Built by Technology & Community 


Secure & Trusted

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Moderated by the community


Launch ideas & positive culture


Free-to-use Neutral Platform

A world of GOOD for our global workforce



Loominate a future of work platform that brings the power of radical authenticity, diversity and web3 community into the workplace.

Our mission is to create companies where bottom-up moonshot ideas, collective intelligence, authentic culture and value-generating communities are the norm, not the exception. 




Loominate’s vision is to bring to life a world built collectively by a generation of individuals who are truly free, creative, autonomous and empowered.


We believe productivity and creative labour systems that are built around the individual’s unique capabilities, passions and motivations will result in a world that is infinitely happier, richer and more beautiful.


News, updates and reflections from our founding team!

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