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Where employees come together for 

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Independent. Trusted. Unbuttoned.
Good workplace culture is a human right ✊🏼 

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S T A Y   S A F E

Use a Pseudonym, or go completely 100% Anonymous


At Loominate, we protect your identity with pseudonymous profiles that are de-linked from your encrypted work email. 

Publish with your username or just go anonymous at anytime.

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The Platform

Loominate is a pseudonymous platform where employees connect, collaborate, exchange banter and undertake bottom-up initiatives with their coworkers. The community platform is free, independent and completely run by employees themselves.

Kick start a more open, transparent, joyful and safer workplace

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S T A R T  A  C H A T 

Have a burning question or idea to get off your chest?

Here's the opportunity to finally give voice to that burning hot button issue, passion point or initiative.

✓   Get honest feedback & advice from your community

 ✓  Connect with like-minded ​coworkers

 ✓   Develop a culture of open conversations

 ✓   Get rewarded with Karma for being a kickass colleague!

S T A R T  A  P O L L

Poll & compare salary within the company, anonymously.

Let's be honest. You've been wanting to know. So let's hear it from your colleagues, anonymously of course!


L A U N C H   A N   I N I T I A T I V E

Rally support and vote on ideas you care about  

You never know. You could be starting a movement that could finally change things for the better!


Built For Safety


Secure & Trusted

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Moderated by the community


Launch ideas & positive culture


Free-to-use Neutral Platform

A world of good for our global workforce



Loominate a future of work platform that brings the power of radical authenticity, diversity and community into the workplace.

Our mission is to create companies where bottom-up moonshot ideas, collective intelligence, authentic culture and value-generating communities are the norm, not the exception. 




Loominate’s vision is to bring to life a world built collectively by a generation of individuals who are truly free, creative, autonomous and empowered.


Good workplace culture is a human right. So, don't leave it to chance. If we succeed, we could be elevating the happiness and mental wellness of over 1 billion workers in the world today. Join us.


News, updates and reflections from our founding team!

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