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Community Guidelines

TL;DR  - Be kind and don't do dumb things. 
Without rules theres chaosgiphy.gif

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At Loominate, we want to foster a diverse and transparent space that gives an equitable voice to every member of our community. In order to do this, we need to create an online space where every member can feel welcome and free to express their full authentic self.

While we are a self-moderating community, we also have clear values that we want to uphold. Here are some human guidelines that’ll help you steer away from trouble and will help us create a healthy and vibrant community. Please refer to these guidelines when writing and flagging posts.

Bullying or Harassment

We want you to use Loominate without fear of being subjected to malicious harassment or threats. Posts that become a malicious attack should be flagged. Mildly annoying posts can be ignored.

Harassment may include:

  • Comments that are meant to humiliate, hurt or attack someone

  • Sexualization of individuals

  • Incitement to bully others

Discrimination or Hate Speech

We encourage free speech and believe in the right to express different views. However, we do not permit hate speech and discrimination. Hate speech refers to content that promotes violence against people or has the primary purpose of inciting hostility against others based on certain attributes. These attributes may include ethnicity, religion, disability, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity.

Keep in mind that a post might be mean, tasteless, or offensive without necessarily encouraging violence or hatred. In cases like that, you can always block the person who made the post—or, if you're up for it, you can express your concerns to them directly, or use Loominate to speak up, challenge ideas, raise awareness or generate discussion and debate.


We enjoy and encourage playful jokes on Loominate. We do not encourage trolling, which can include writing random posts with the intent to provoke readers and leaving comments that don't add value to a conversation. If the community flagged your posts as such, your posts will be subject to removal and repeated behaviour may cause you to be permanently banned from the platform.

Company Secrets

Your space is restricted to people who have been verified to belong to your organisation. Nevertheless, please be mindful of sharing sensitive company information which maybe copied or recorded by other users in the same community. We believe that it is up to the employees to properly manage this information through flagging.


We ask that you do not post the same content multiple times. We also don’t condone promoting or selling on our platform. This may include services, products and animals. Propaganda should be flagged, as well as any posts that merely push out opinions and ideas without eliciting a constructive discussion.

Invasion of Privacy

We do not condone any attempts to guess at or reveal the identities of other individuals. Revealing personally identifiable information is unacceptable. These details can include photos, names and sometimes initials. The only mentions we will allow are the names of public figures and the names of people who have been mentioned in the press for contexts that are already reported on public channels.

If you wish to express critical opinions about company executives, we ask that you do so constructively. Bullying, unsupported accusations, doxxing, harassment and other inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated. 


Don't do things that may cause confusion between your user identity and another user (real or virtual), organisation, or company. Don't impersonate anyone. False representation could get you in hot water and you open yourself to libel suits filed against you by the relevant parties. 

Inappropriate Content

Pornography, explicitly sexual content and content that may make others feel deeply uncomfortable are not acceptable. The occasional impassioned swearing is fine but don’t do it excessively. Let us be considerate towards users from cultures and norms that may be more or less conservative than the one you come from. 

Topic Relevance

Content should be posted in relevant channels. Any post that is not in the appropriate channel can be flagged.



 We don't tolerate content that promotes, encourages, or incites acts of terrorism. That includes content which supports or celebrates terrorist organisations, their leaders, or associated violent activities.


Harm to Minors

Don't post or solicit content that features or that implies the abuse of a minor, that includes suggestive or sexual content involving a minor or anyone that appears to be a minor, or that facilitates or promotes child sexual abuse. "Content" may include photos of real individuals, illustrations, animation, or text. We will not hesitate to report all such instances to child protection organisations and law enforcement around the world.


Promotion or Glorification of Self-Harm

Don't post content that promotes self-harm of any kind. This includes content that encourages others to: cut or injure themselves; embrace anorexia, bulimia, or other eating disorders; or commit suicide rather than seeking counselling or treatment, or joining together in supportive conversation with those suffering or recovering from depression or other conditions. We can have mature conversations about such topics as mental health and online communities can be extraordinarily helpful to people struggling with these difficult conditions. We aim for Loominate to be a place that facilitates awareness, support and recovery, and we will remove only those posts or blogs that cross the line into active promotion or glorification of self-harm.


Adult Content 

Do not upload images, videos, or GIFs that show real-life human genitals or female-presenting nipples —this includes content that is so photorealistic that it could be mistaken for featuring real-life humans. Certain types of artistic, educational, newsworthy, or political content featuring nudity are fine. Don’t upload any content, including images, videos, GIFs, or illustrations, that depicts sex acts. 


Violent Content and Threats, Gore and Mutilation 

Do not post content which includes violent threats toward individuals or groups - this includes threats of identity theft, privacy violation,  property damage, or financial harm. Don't post violent content or gore just to be shocking. Don't post content that encourages or incites violence, or glorifies acts of violence or the perpetrators. The tolerance for such content varies among community groups and your Contributions on the platform are subject to not just these guidelines but also the collective judgment of the community. 


Mass Registrations and Attempts to Game the System

Do not register accounts or post content automatically, systematically, or programmatically.


If you see any content that violates what we stand for, please flag it for removal. Users who do not uphold our guidelines will be temporarily restricted and repeat offenders will be permanently banned from using our service. Each of you are an important member of the community and you help shape the conversations on Loominate. The words you write and the actions you take matter and are representative of your organization's culture.

Should we suspect that an organisation is using Loominate disingenuously to accumulate Karma Points and $GOOD Tokens through spamming or other disingenuous methods (automated or manual), we reserve the right to shut down the entire associated chat space without notice or explanation and to permanently revoke access to any existing Karma Points and $GOOD Tokens accumulated by its members. 

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