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F O R   E M P L O Y E E S

Next release

Next release Q4 2022!

Rewards Economy 

Reward your co-workers for speaking up, contribution and good ideas! 

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Every positive action & reaction earns users Karma points

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Tip your peers with Karma points and $GOOD tokens to support their voice

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Convert Karma Points into $GOOD Tokens

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Earn badges awarded to you by the community

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Unlock premium features for the community with your GOOD tokens

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F O R   E M P L O Y E E S

Next release

Next release Q4 2022!

Earn & Spend $GOOD tokens

You earn $GOOD tokens automatically when you use the platform to chat, vote, collaborate and ideate.

Use your $GOOD tokens to unlock features for yourself and your workplace community 💜.

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GOOD Culture Index 

The only, truly honest organisational insights dashboard, built on everyday interactions.


Engagement Index

Measure real community-driven conversations without intruding on employee’s privacy.


Innovation Index

Measure how collaborative & innovative your workforce is when they problem solve with initiatives that the community can vote on.


Challenges Index  

Measure the number of challenges that are resolved, completely logged and validated by the workforce.


Overall Culture Index

The true measure of culture takes place over time, authentically, bottom up and without centrally orchestrated  ‘culture’ enforcement.

Next release!
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The Future of Work Ecosystem is
built bottom-up

Loominate’s goal is to set the industry standard for open and transparent workplaces where employees are invested in the company, meaningfully engaged in collective value creation while retaining autonomy.

Phase 1 - Core Elements 

  • Loominate Community Wallet

  • Loominate User Wallets

  • $GOOD Tokens

  • Loominate Platform

  • GOOD Culture Index (Data insights)

Phase 2 & 3 - Partnerships & Marketplaces

  • ESG Collaboration

  • Future of Work Services

  • Web 2.0 Integrations

  • Web3 Talent Marketplaces + NFT Profiles

  • Integration with Web2 Productivity Tools

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MAY 2022

JUN 2022

JUL 2022

SEP 2022

NOV 2023

OCT  2023

SEP 2023

News, updates and reflections from our founding team!

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